About us

We are a team of people based in the GCC who have a very deep understanding of Finalmile solution requirements in the most difficult areas around here.

Strategically Aligned

We are aligned with our strongest Partner DHL to provide worldclass:

  • Electronic Integration.
  • Costing and Speed – Bonded Facility Bahrain.
  • Global On Forwarding – Bahrain Aviation Hub.
  • Returns Management – Global Network and Flexibility.
  • Security and Capacity.
  • Visibility – Complete Shipment Movements in one glance.

Delivering an e-comm shipment in the world nowadays is a refined skill

It takes many different skills and functions to simultaneously co-ordinate to achieve this transaction. To name but a few:

  • Labelling - Tracking
  • Line haul - Air Mode
  • Strategic Bonded Solutions - Costing & Hub Location
  • Line haul - Speed (at fair price), efficiency & Cost
  • Sorting - Speed to final destination
  • Clearance - Courier Clearance Licence HolderQuisque cursus et, porttitor risus.
  • Delivery - Secure with capacity
  • Remittance - Cash on Delivery – Automation
  • Returns - Global Network and Flexibility
  • Visibility - Complete Shipment Movements in one glance, time saving

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